Pomice 3/7 mm (33 kg - 50 lt) Pomice 3/7 mm (33 kg - 50 lt)
Pomice 3/7 mm (33 kg - 50 lt)

Pumice 3/7 mm (33 kg - 50 lt)

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3/7 mm PUMICE (33 Kg - 50 lt).

Pumice and lapilli are the product of explosive volcanic eruptions formed following a violent expansion of the gases dissolved in lavas of acidic chemical composition: the rapid cooling of the rock prevented its crystallization, trapping the gases inside and generating minerals alveolar expanded more or less accentuated.

In fact, during the solidification phase, the vapors present in the magma, suddenly released, caused the swelling of the entire mass of the magma and during this rapid cooling phase the differences in the physical structure of the various volcanic aggregates were determined: the volcanic lapillus formed from a magma with lower silica content.

The lower viscosity and the slower cooling of the lava facilitated the escape of a certain quantity of the gases present in the magma.

Minerals were formed characterized by vacuums with an average diameter greater than those of the pumice but with a much smaller number.


SiO2: 62.5%

Al2O3: 17.5%

K2O: 9.5%

Fe2O3: 2.6%

CaO: 2.5%

Na2O: 2.2%

TiO2: 0.5%

MgO: 0.4%


pH : 6.5 - 7.0;

CATIONIC EXCHANGE : 30 meq / 100g.


Light natural inert material, ideal for:

? rooting substrate (sowing, cuttings, transplants, soilless crops and hydroculture);

? preparation of universal molds;

? preparation of specific soils (annual plants, acidophilic plants, succulents, houseplants, grass carpets ...);

? preparation of professional potting soils for garden horticulture and for protected crops;

Mulch flower beds or garden areas where you want to avoid the growth of herbs or weeds;

? hydroponic crops;

Land improvement;

? hydroculture;

? drainages;

? support surface for vases;

? thermal insulation.


It should be noted that the grain size of the aggregate in question may undergo small variations compared to the value in mm indicated in the title of the advertisement (grain size indicated by the manufacturer and therefore not to be attributed to Geosism & Nature sas which deals only with marketing) as the mechanical sieving is performed with sieves which, depending on the degree of abrasion / wear, could allow lower or even higher granules to pass than the size described above. It should also be noted that the aforementioned material, when crushed, can form elongated clasts and therefore granules could be found which pass through the sieve indicated in the title of the insertion according to the short side but which therefore have a greater size in the long side. Geosism & Nature sas is not responsible for granulometric variations (even if of small size on the volume of the product) that do not respect those indicated in the title of the advertisement.


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