Basacote Plus 9M, NPK(Mg) 16-8-12+(2) (5 kg) Basacote Plus 9M, NPK(Mg) 16-8-12+(2) (5 kg)
Basacote Plus 9M, NPK(Mg) 16-8-12+(2) (5 kg)

Basacote Plus 9M, NPK (Mg) 16-8-12 + (2) (5 kg)

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BASACOTE 9M, NPK (Mg) 16-8-12 + (2) (5 Kg).

This extraordinary programmed release fertilizer, the only one currently registered in accordance with law 748/84, was developed for prevalent use together with the substrates used in nurseries, for ornamental potted plants, for applications in flower beds or containers intended for public green areas, etc.

The exclusive feature of the product is the patented Poligen W3 cover, a waxy material with an elastic consistency developed by Compo.

This innovative polymeric coating avoids the breakdown of the granules, gradually frees the content of the granules themselves (9 months) and allows you to vary the release period with precision, ensuring a high bioavailability of the nutrients and a minimum washout of the same.

The balanced supply of macroelements, the presence of Magnesium and all the main microelements, the availability of four different formulas with release times varying between three and twelve months complete the profile of this innovative product with high technical content.

The operating principle is as follows:

? the granulated fertilizer covered by Poligen and contains all the main nutrients and trace elements;

? water enters the granules through the coating;

? the fertilizing substances are dissolved in the water and a solution of nutrients is formed;

? the coating allows the scheduled release of all nutrients.

Basacote Plus wants to be mixed with the soil and used within 10 days before repotting the plant; or, if the plant is already potted, remove the surface of the soil and mix it with Basacote Plus.

Dosage: 2-5 g / l or kg / m 3 of substrate.


Total nitrogen (N): 16% of which, nitric nitrogen 7.4%, ammonia nitrogen 8.6%;

Phosphorus pentoxide (P 2 O 5 ) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water: 8% of which, water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide 5.6%;

Water-soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O): 12%;

Total magnesium oxide (MgO): 2% of which, water-soluble magnesium oxide 1.4%;

Total sulfur dioxide (SO 3 ): 12%, of which water soluble sulfur dioxide 10%;

Total boron (B): 0.02%;

Total copper (Cu): 0.05%;

Total iron (Fe): 0.4% of which water soluble iron chelated with stable EDTA from pH 4 to 6.5; 0:15%;

Total manganese (Mn): 0.06%;

Total molybdenum (Mo): 0.015%;

Total zinc (Zn): 0.02%;

Coating agent: polyigen W3 (ethylene-acrylic polymer);

Percentage of the product covered: 100%;

Low chlorine content (Cl).


It should be noted that the product will arrive inside a bag (with a total weight of 5 kg, as specified in the title of the advert) labeled and packaged, according to the terms of the law, by the employees of Geosism & Nature sas

The photograph of the bag present in the advertisement will not correspond to the bag that will arrive to the customer (based on what has just been specified) therefore to be considered only indicative to better understand the original packaging.



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