Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt) Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt) Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt) Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt) Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt) Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt) Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt)
Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2,5 lt)

Seramis 2/5 mm (1 kg - 2.5 lt)

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SERAMIS 2/5 mm (1 Kg - 2.5 lt).

Seramis is a clay extracted in Germany which is cooked at high temperatures in order to give the granules a great porosity and lightness.

With Seramis granulate it is very easy to have beautiful plants and the repotting procedure is clean, quick, effective and can be done all year round. Thanks to their porosity, the granules always guarantee the right humidity for the plant, furthermore they allow any type of fertilizer, both water-soluble, liquid and granules to permeate the entire volume of the pot.



Substrate, ideal for:

? orchids, especially terrestrial ones such as Phaleonopsis;

? any plant that requires outdoor water or for all indoor ornamental plants in order to be able to reduce watering by at least 1/3 and to guarantee the plant the right amount of water constantly throughout the season;

? cacti that need a well-drained substrate and that need to root.

How to use:

1) take the plant from the normal pot, carefully remove and remove the loose soil around the roots without damaging the root system of the plant;

2) Fill the new container (which must not have drainage holes on the bottom) larger with 1/3 of the volume of Seramis granules;

3) Put the plant with the roots well spread on the granulate and cover it completely with the granulate until the pot is filled; the ideal composition of 1/3 of volume occupied by the root ball of the plant with its original soil and 2/3 of volume of Seramis granules;

4) Then you can proceed with watering which can be of simple water, or better yet of water with water-soluble fertilizer or liquid suitable for the plant, we recommend to put 1/4 of a volume of water in the pot.

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