Pebbles, garden stones, Coral Pink 10-20 mm (1000 kg) Pebbles, garden stones, Coral Pink 10-20 mm (1000 kg)

Pebbles, garden stones, Coral Pink 10-20 mm (1000 kg)

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Pebbles in marble, Rosa Corallo 10-20 mm, for garden decoration.

The pebbles are supplied in big bags or 1,000 kg wooden baskets (the type of packaging is chosen by the customer and must be specifically requested).

To get an idea of how many tons of pebbles are needed to completely cover the surface that has been mulched, you can refer to the following indicative table:

? 1-2 cm grain size: 70 kg / m2;

? 3-5 cm grain size: 80 kg / m2;

? 4-6 cm grain size: 110 kg / m2;

? 6-8 cm grain size: 130 kg / m2;

? 8-10 cm grain size: 150 kg / m2;

? 10-15 cm grain size: 200 kg / m2;

? 10-20 cm grain size: 200 kg / m2;

? 15-30 cm grain size: 450 kg / m2.


The material is subject to availability, it is usually picked up in the quarry and sent to the customer in order to always have a clean product in excellent condition. We therefore ask our customers to check availability and delivery times by contacting Geosism & Nature.


Geosism & Nature sas certifies that the rock sold in this listing is totally natural and has not undergone any type of chemical treatment that could in any way pollute the soil or the crops with which it comes into contact. For the same reasons, Geosism & Nature sas is not responsible for any changes in the color of the stone due to the climatic conditions of the place (rain, humidity, snow and / or frost) or any fertilization or irrigation done with particularly aggressive water or which they have elements in solution that can, in some way, alter the chemism - and therefore the color - of the rock itself (eg carbonates in general, salts, iron, manganese, molybdenum, heavy metals in general, etc ...). Remember that all stones that do not undergo chemical treatments can absorb water and with it the previously mentioned elements.

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